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Second Opinion Service Specialist

David G. Kornguth, M.D. -  - Radiation Oncologist

Golden Gate Cancer Center

David G. Kornguth, M.D.

Radiation Oncologist & A Group Medical Practice located in SoMa (South of Market), San Francisco, CA

If you don't feel entirely happy with a diagnosis or a recommended treatment, a second opinion service could give you the answers to your questions. At Golden Gate Cancer Center in the SoMa (South of Market) neighborhood of San Francisco, California, radiation oncologist David Kornguth, MD, provides worried patients with the information they need after conducting a meticulous review of their situation. Call the practice’s Mission District office today to find out more or book an appointment using the online form.

Second Opinion Services Q&A

What is a second opinion service?

A second opinion is something you might want if you have concerns about your current treatment or the medical advice you've received. It involves asking a suitably qualified health care professional for their views on your diagnosis or treatment.

Dr. Kornguth provides expert second opinion services for patients who are worried about any aspect of their cancer diagnosis or treatment.

Why might I need a second opinion service?

You might want to seek a second opinion if your current health care provider tells you that you have a particular disease that's more serious than you expected. Surgical recommendations often prompt people to ask for a second opinion to ensure there are no alternative solutions.

Another situation that leads people to ask for a second opinion is feeling frustration when your provider doesn't seem able to diagnose your condition, or you feel they've not made the right diagnosis.

It could well be that no other doctor could make a better diagnosis either, but if you get a second opinion, it helps you come to terms with your position. Or it might be that your current provider hasn't reached the right conclusion, and there is something else going on.

Will my doctor mind me using a second opinion service?

No reputable doctor would object to you using a second opinion service, and they might even provide such services themselves for patients from other practices.

All medical professionals should follow the guidelines laid out by their professional bodies. They should also keep themselves up to date with technological advancements and findings in their fields.

Nevertheless, doctors do vary in their approaches and don't always use the same methods or have the same opinions. Often, there isn't clear evidence for one approach over another, or different doctors might view the evidence in different ways.

How does a second opinion service operate?

The second opinion service at Golden Gate Cancer Center involves Dr. Kornguth reviewing all of the results of your tests and your medical history. Once he has analyzed all of the information, he can give you his opinion on your case.

Where relevant, he also goes through any alternative treatment options with you. Dr. Kornguth has years of experience in providing second opinions, operating to the highest professional standards, with your welfare being the priority.

If you intend to claim on your medical insurance for a second opinion service, check your policy first to ensure you're covered. Medicare assists with costs for a second opinion on medically necessary treatments.

Find out more about using the second opinion service at Golden Gate Cancer Center by calling their office today or book an appointment online.